• Dinosaurcol

    i don't know if this is the best place for talk about it, but now is the one

    get new bosses inspired on films, games and creepypastas

    the idea came to me after a DA user talk about his nightmare better said "NIGHTMARE"

    the team were attacked by a monster called the canidont

    said that...

    to see i meanadd monsters from NES godzilla creepypasta would be good idea or is good idea

    i what do you think?

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  • Conquistadorlaw

    I have joined

    April 4, 2014 by Conquistadorlaw

    I have joined. Thanks for giving up two seconds of your time.

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  • Krelinos

    Adding lots of content

    August 27, 2013 by Krelinos

    But there's so many things to be added that I just can't find, like pictures of Vampires and Soldier's Rage.

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  • Raven6666

    Alright, so here's the standards I'm doing for the pages.

    For tables, please use the standard class="wikitable," no need to have it set as grid.

    For information within tables, please put them within unordered lists ( |- !Bootlegger |}

    I'll also be moving all Tips & Tricks to their own pages, as the main class pages should now just be entirely objective, while the Tips for each will not need to clutter the bottom of the page. A hotlink to each T&T will be replacing the area.

    For headings under headings, such as Weapons -> Primary/Secondary/Melee, the Weapons heading should be a h2/heading 2, and the Primary etc should be a h3/heading 3.

    I'll be cleaning up the Boss pages after I sift through the Class stuff.

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  • Parnifia

    Nothing to say.

    August 3, 2012 by Parnifia

    I really have nothing whatsoever to say.

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  • VoidIntruder

    I'm in summer school until June 23rd which kind of sucks. It's not too bad since ai hqve computer access at school and I get to go home on weekends. I found a few guys apthat aren't too bad but I still rather play tf2.

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  • MoScout

    Because I feel that the Wiki may need a new logo instead of the regular ones provided by Wikia, I decided to make a Logo for the wiki, I appreciate if you accept this as the logo for the wiki and would like reception for it.

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  • Raven6666

    Table testing.

    April 17, 2012 by Raven6666

    I'll be testing some various table formats here, no ETA on when these will change.


    Passive Ability }
    Rage Ability }
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  • Raven6666

    Wiki standardisation.

    April 14, 2012 by Raven6666

    Right, so I have a goal for the VSH Wiki. I want to have the Class Ability pages and the Boss pages to follow a specific format/template.

    I had made a sweeping change to the Boss pages, making it clear what the Bosses Rage ability was, their Secondary, and if applicable, their Passives. I will be going through the Boss pages again, cleaning up any information, correcting errors and trying to alter it for a specific template.

    For the Class pages (as of writing, I am planning a few more edits,) I have made sure that basic, but important information is under the VSH Roles. The information under Unique Abilities should never refer to "you," or anything similar. That section should be purely objective. Tips and Tricks however can be as subjective…

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  • 991woot119

    My Opinion

    November 17, 2011 by 991woot119

    I personally think that there should be more information on beta bosses. I used to have no idea what annie did and no-one would tell me! I knew what the rage was but I had no idea what tivver did.

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  • Kaeomakana Tiwanak-Finkes

    I really enjoy a lot of the stuff that goes on on the OzFur servers. Many of the players are inviting and entertaining to talk to, and there's a huge group ethic going on when facing off against the boss.

    Many people are clamoring for a new boss, but I have a ton of fun playing the server just the way it is. A new boss would be fun, but I don't think it's required.

    The bosses are already quite varied and I don't think that any of them are overpowered, or underpowered for that matter. I never got a chance to fight Charmander, myself, but one of the admins had his skin and I busted a gut watching him shoot his flare gun.

    My favorite boss is Candyman, followed closely by Rainbow Dash and then Female Pyro (for obvious reasons).

    Feel free to ask me…

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  • Primedawg9170

    Since there is millions of ideas floating around about what could be put in as a new boss, it would be nice to know who and where to send an idea to and see if your idea is good enough to be in. For example, my idea would be to have Tails from Sonic The Hedgehog as a boss since there's a skin of him for the Engineer, and for a passive skill, he could have the ability to glide by jumping twice his rage could have something to do with sentries, dispensers and maybe even the ubercharge like disabling them or to destroy it. Now who should I send this idea to and see if it is good and balanced enough to be put in?

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  • Peterisyum

    Self-Made Owner

    June 17, 2011 by Peterisyum

    I got a Self-Made boss, yay!

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    Hello World

    June 10, 2011 by SHAYYY

    Welcome to the Saxton Hale Wiki. Here we stock as much information as possible relating to the VSH remake by Solarflare. As it stands the wiki is still being developed with many pages left to get created, fixed or changed. Feel free to contribute or drop Pathurs or me (SHAYYY) a message about something you want to see on here. We do try and keep current pages up to date however there are constant updates so bear with us. Welcome and feel free to edit.

    For more information visit our steam group

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