Origin: TF2Ware

He Forgot How to Cuddle.

2011-08-29 00007

The Cuddly Heavy. Kiss Me.

Self-Made Owner: Kwapple


The Cuddly Heavy comes from the Team Fortress 2 mod TF2Ware. His aim is to give as many hugs as possible to the little babies of TF2, the scouts. But the heavy has one fault, his hugs... kill. This turned the fun loving room of the Boss Stage in TF2Ware into a murderous room of chaos, flying bodies, blood everywhere, masked with hearts and pink walls... the murderous side of the Heavy is present, even in his love.

Cuddly Heavy has been updated to have a new model. This model gives him a permanent smile and out-streched arms that move in a "hugging" motion when attacking.

Steam User Kwapple_uA is the voice actor for the Cuddly Heavy.

VSH AbilitiesEdit

Passive: Stun Resistance

  • Cuddly Heavy cannot be stunned. He will continue running, a voice clip will play to notify the attempted stun.

Passive: Maximum Speed

  • Cuddly Heavy will always run at maximum speed, even if slow classes are alive.

Rage Ability: Blinding Love

  • Blinds nearby enemies and Sentry Guns for a short period of time with a pink screen of love. This effect lasts longer at 200%. Medics can use their 100% Ubercharge to make players invincible for the duration of this ability.

Tips for playing as the Cuddly HeavyEdit

  • Blinding people who are near edges or cliffs can disorientate them enough to run into hazards (or off of them).
  • Build up your Rage for a large group of people, allowing you to easily take a large amount of players out at once.
  • Don't worry about Scouts using the Sandman, as you are immune to stuns.
  • Your stun immunity makes it so if you fall off the edge you can move right away and not suffer a delay.

Tips for fighting Cuddly HeavyEdit

  • As a Pyro, when blinded, try air blasting and keeping calm, even if you can't see, you have a big chance to blow the Cuddly Heavy away!
  • If you have set him on fire in any way (such as most Pyro weapons or fully charged Cow Mangler) and you have the option to see numbers indicating damage, the numbers will still appear if you are blinded from his rage. This can help to know which direction he is, but as the numbers appear as the same size regardless of distance, you won't be able to tell how close he is.
  • Be aware that, unlike most bosses, Cuddly Heavy will always run at maximum speed regardless of which classes are alive. This can make it more difficult for Scouts to survive even at the start of the round, especially if they're carrying the Sandman.
  • As a Demoman or Soldier, just keep bouncing around when blinded, like you would if you were not blind, just without much elegance. Remember that Black Box Rockets still home in.