Alt#13's current appearance.

Page is now obsolete, boss replaced with Miss Fortune. Page will stay for memory's sake.Edit

Exp. Alt#13, or Experimental Alternate Number 13, is a Boss that is an alternate of Mario. However, this boss has a different rage. It shares very similar attributes, such as the intro theme, passive abilities, and base class.

VSH AbilitiesEdit

Passive: Stomp and Instant Super-Jump

  • Exp. Alt#13 gains 25% rage when it stomps a player, and has a Super-Jump with no charge .

Rage: Demonic Heat

  • A player is randomly selected to be targeted by a star-shaped pattern. It explodes in the path towards its randomly selected target, and appears on the ground. The targeted player will be "marked for death" with a skull, similar to the Fan-O-War's effect. Once the fireball reaches the player, they will be engulfed in flames thrown into the air, and stunned for several seconds.

Other Boss NotesEdit

  • This boss has a no-charge superjump and gains rage through stomping players, similar to Mario's passive ability.
  • Demonic Heat cannot be reflected, since it is a mark on the ground.
  • Demonic Heat can damage other players in its path.
  • Alt#13 does not hold a skin. Because the boss is only available to a few people, and incomplete without an official name, this boss is most likely being tested.