Female Pyro

2011-06-17 00019
Origin TF2 Rumours
Passive Ability Pyro on Pyro
Rage Ability Milkshake
Self-Made Owner Superaldo (Skin Creator)

A Bodacious Babe With A Fiery Personality


All the other classes in Team Fortress 2 have always wondered, just what is inside the Pyro's bulky suit? After some sleuthing, the BLU Spy figured out that the RED Pyro is in fact a female. Upon realising that her gender had been revealed, the Pyro became enraged and murdered the spy viciously. She vowed to kill anyone who knew her secret using any means necessary; including using her astounding breasts as a distraction to the fact that she will brutally axe-murder your face while you shamelessly stare at her magnificent bossom.

VSH AbilitiesEdit

Passive: Pyro on Pyro

  • If a Pyro successfully airblasts the Female Pyro, she will gain a rage boost. The Female Pyro is also immune to Afterburn.

Taunt Ability: Milkshake

  • All alive players are forced to zoom in and stare at the Female Pyro's amazing rack. Whilst staring at her, you cannot shoot but you can still do other abilities like jumping and taunting. After the taunt finishes all players will become stunned for a short moment (roughly a second).

Tips for Playing as the Female PyroEdit

  • Jump into a large group of players and use your taunt, they will be defenseless.
  • Try to force enemy pyros to airblast you so you gain a rage boost, be careful that you don't get knocked into a hazard though.
  • Activating your rage in air is bannable as it allows you to skip the guitar taunt and get right to attacking.

Tips for Playing Against the Female PyroEdit

  • When the Pyro taunts, retreat and think of where you're moving next, you could accidentally fall into a pit.
  • Pyros, try to airblast the Female Pyro as little as you can, as it increases her rage.
  • As a Soldier, use the equalizer taunt if she uses milkshake. If you land the taunt on the boss, You do 15% damage. If you miss, the stun recieved from the female pyro round will override the stun recieved from the equalizer taunt.
  • As a Heavy, using the fist taunt (POW) during the Female Pyro's taunt will follow her while taunting, making her much easier to hit. This works well with the Scout's sandman taunt

Female Pyro's alternativeEdit

Johnny Bravo (Johnny Bravo) is the Female Pyro's current alternative boss. He functions exactly like Female Pyro, except his base class is a Heavy, and thus can be affected by afterburn. Also, his taunt at the start of his rage is the Fist Pistol, which has slight range and is a one-hit kill.


Vs Female Pyro (Remake)

Vs Female Pyro (Remake)