Origin: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic



Origin My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Passive Ability Shyness
Rage Ability Frustration
Self-Made Owner Dafini


Fluttershy seems to have a great love for all animals except full-grown dragons which she fears. She is more open around animals than she is around other ponies.

Her ability to handle animals seems to be unique to Fluttershy who, unlike other pegasus ponies, is not involved with the weather doomsday of Ponyville.

She is an extremely quiet individual, soft-spoken and almost never raises her voice; her idea of a shout of annoyance is a soft, high-pitched squeak. She is also extremely non-violent: when she's mad enough to kick something, she gives it the lightest of taps.

It is shown that Fluttershy has an outright disdain for being the center of attention. She is very confrontational, frequently apologizing for voicing her opinion or making requests.

VSH Abilities:Edit

Rage Ability- Frustration:

Fluttershy will pull out a Minigun with unlimited ammo, and will proceed to fill players with bullets. When she activates her taunt, all players will be spooked, but will run very fast. Fluttershy will not be hindered while spinning the Minigun. There will be a very short stun for all players to give Fluttershy a chance to switch back to melee.

Passive - Shyness:

Fluttershy gains an additional 25% rage generations from Scouts , and 20% less from Heavies.

Tips for Playing as Fluttershy:Edit

  • Raging in midair is a double edged sword. You will keep your momentum if you Rage after a Super Jump, but you will be unable to control where you land. Not planning ahead can make you Rage into an environmental hazard.
  • Players move very fast while your taunt is active, try to chase them into corners or thin corridors so they are easier targets.
  • It is never a good idea to play Baby Fluttershy as baby bosses generate rage slower plus the Shyness passive also makes you generate rage even less. On top of that, Heavies have the most health so you have to shoot longer at one target to get a kill which means less kills in the end.
  • Your minigun has the Natasha's slow effect, making it easier to chase a certain target down.
  • Keep firing your minigun. You'll never know when a split second chance is given to shoot at a player and slow them down.

Tips for Playing against Fluttershy:Edit

  • When Fluttershy yells; "You're going to LOVE ME!" run for cover. This is the voice clip that plays when she activates her taunt.
  • Remember that she gets frozen when she rages, this makes a good time to run away or hide.
  • Try not to run in a straight line since you would be easier to aim at.

Fluttershy's alternativeEdit

Big Mac (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) is the current alternative to Fluttershy. He has his own model, intro, kill, rage sounds, and functions identically to Fluttershy in both rage and passive.

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