Gabe Newell

Gabe Newell
Origin Co-founder of Valve Software
Passive Ability Ban
Rage Ability Valve Time
Self-Made Owner TheGreatJug (Skin Contributer)

To stop a Gaben, take control and press the Gaben.


Gabe Logan Newell (born November 3, 1962) is the co-founder and managing director of video game development and online distribution company Valve Corporation. After having dropped out of Harvard University, Newell spent thirteen years working for Microsoft Corporation, ultimately becoming a "Microsoft Millionaire". Newell has described himself as "producer on the first three releases of Windows". Inspired by Michael Abrash, who left Microsoft to work on the computer game Quake at id Software, Newell and another Microsoft employee, Mike Harrington, left Microsoft to found Valve in 1996. He and Harrington used their money to fund Valve through the development of Half-Life. (This Information is from Wikipedia)

His intro and rage music is from the youtube song "Faster Stronger Better Gaben ".

VSH Abilities:Edit

Passive: Ban

  • Vampires cannot be summoned, as Gabe bans everyone he kills.

Rage Ability: Valve Time

  • Valve time is much, much slower than normal. This ability delays all actions by four seconds for a period of time. Passive Ubercharge is removed (Medics that use 100% Ubercharge during the rage will still become invincible). This effect scales with your rage; lasting for eight seconds at 100% rage and seventeen seconds at 200% rage.

Tips for Playing as Gabe NewellEdit

  • Using Valve Time in a large group of enemies will make it very hard for them to dodge you.
  • Valve Time is a great way to get rid of spies, as it will take them longer to react or use a cloak.
  • Medic's Ubercharge is disabled during Valve Time, use this to your advantage to get rid of threatening Heavies.
  • Spies and Scouts try to do their best to avoid you while Valve Time is on as they are one of the most annoying and agile classes, go for Spies first and go for Scouts if they're in your way.
  • Use Valve Time on Sentry nests can help kill the Engineer quicker. However, look out for his Sentry as it will not be affected by Valve Time.

Tips for Playing Against Gabe NewellEdit

  • When Gabe Newell uses Valve Time, try to predict where you will move and jump, knowing your way around the map you are playing on helps you traverse it safely.
  • Shooting is not advised during Valve Time, as it's almost impossible to hit him. Even if you think you're facing him, the server reacts four seconds later.
  • Medics should simply use the Ubercharge instead of summoning a Hoovy, as you can't make vampires.


Faster Stronger Better Gaben

Faster Stronger Better Gaben

Gabe's introduction music is from 0:04-0:18. Rage is 0:58-1:08. 200% Rage is from 0:42-0:58.