Origin: League of Legends

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Nocturne League
Origin League of Legends
Passive Ability  ?
Rage Ability Paranoia
Self-Made Owner FlamingFox


Nocturne is a champion from the game League of Legends. He is known for his superior speed in attacks and movement and to cause fear and panic in all who oppose him.

Nocturne cannot use the Unusual Bouncy.

VSH AbilitiesEdit

  • Rage Ability: Paranoia

Nocturne calls upon the darkness to reduce the vision of everyone, including himself, and gains a temporary speed boost from his passive. All voice chat and voice commands are disabled during the rage.

  • Passive Ability:

Nocturne recieves a speed boost if he does not take any damage for 10 seconds, and during his rage.

Tips as NocturneEdit

  • This boss is meant to hit and run. Use your passive and jumps to get the drop on key targets, such as the Engineer, Heavy-Medic pairs, and the Pyro, as they will remove your passive and you will take a lot of damage.
  • If you encounter a "nest" (a group of people camping in one spot), use your rage to confuse them and attack key targets.
  • Don't be afraid to run from battle. You'll want to utilize your passive as much as possible, and save your rages for key moments.
  • Don't stand in the middle of a firefight for too long, or you'll run out of HP quick. Go into a fight, kill a person, and get out before you are hit.
  • Try super-jumping into a group in front of a dark area of the map. You'll blend in better and they won't see it coming.
  • Try to go for backstabs. They're completely silent(except for the stab sound), and the kill won't appear on the kill feed.
  • During your rage, crit sparkes coming from players can be seen. Punish those who wield their melee!

Tips against NocturneEdit

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Because of Nocturne's passive, you'll need to know where he will strike and deal as much damage while keeping you and others safe.
  • Don't blindly run around during his rage. Either run to a hiding spot, or stay together and be careful.
  • Keep the pressure on, his passive will make him much harder to spot/catch!
  • Igniting Nocturne will help both see him during the rage and cause him to slow down. As Pyro, attempt to ignite Nocturne at all costs. Of course, play cautiously, as Nocturne may target you due to your abilities.


League of Legends Theme (Metal version)

League of Legends Theme (Metal version)

Last Man Standing Music 2:30-2:57

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