Pinkie Pie.

Origin: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Self-Made Owner: Dafini

Party, party, party, everybody party...


Pinkie Pie is an outgoing, energetic pony who often displays a string of random, juvenile behaviors. She has a fondness for parties and has a tendency to throw them on a whim. Pinkie Pie plays many instruments and frequently sings her own songs. Because of her randomness, however, some of the other ponies, even her friends, do not always take her seriously.

VSH Abilities:Edit

Rage Ability- Party: Pinkie Pie uses one of the current bosses' abilities at random. This can range from Saxton Hales' Rage to Mario's Fireball. There is also a 1 in 100 chance for something amazing to happen.

Passive- Explode with Happiness: Whoever dies will explode with happiness, causing large amounts of damage to nearby players.

Tips for playing as Pinkie Pie:Edit

  • Use your taunt when close to players, as it could be Charmander's Overheat or Mario's Fireball, which are relatively close range attacks.
  • Nobody(pony?) knows what your next rage will be, not even yourself! Just make sure you're next to the crowd facing the middle.
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Pinkie in-game

Tips for playing against Pinkie:Edit

  • Knowing what strategies are involved with each ability is key to beating Pinkie Pie, seeing as she can use many abilities.
  • Remember that her Rage abilities are random; you may want to keep your distance.
  • Stay away from other players; if she kills one of your teammates with you right next to them, the explosion can easily kill you.

Alternatives of Pinkie PieEdit

Currently, DJ-P1NK3 (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) is Pinkie Pie's alternative. She has Vinyl Scratch's soundclips and glasses. Her rage can include Vinyl Scratch's Shuffle, Dr. Octogonapus' Lazer, Saxton Hale's Rage, and her special Ultra Party rage.


Team Fortress 2 - Versus Pinkie Pie

Team Fortress 2 - Versus Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie gameplay

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