"Roll the Dice" (commonly refered to as "rtd") is a mod used along with the VSH remake mod. It grants any player(s) a boost, or it can either harm or diasble them. The boss player cannot directly roll the dice, but he/she can use their rage which can activate a specific roll. All rolls are temporary.

To roll the dice, type "!rtd" or "/rtd" in the chat.

After a roll or a Powerup, a 90 second cooldown will occur.


Powerups are given at the beginning of the round. They grant the player a guaranteed rtd effect that can be seen in the upper left corner of the screen.

List of powerups:

Stasis: The user will be given godmode, but he will also be given the frozen effect for 10 seconds.

Godmode: The user turns invincible for 5 seconds.

All-Crits: The user gets crits for 5 seconds.

Angel: Similiar effect to the quick-fix uber where the user becomes immune to stuns.

The list of possible rollsEdit

  • Lucky Sandvich- Grants the player one free critical shot and they will have 100% overheal
  • Godmode-The user will become immune to all harm (excluding Death Touch and suicide) for 10 seconds.
  • Blind-The user's screen becomes completely dark, showing only their HUD.
  • Crits- User gains critical hits for 10 seconds in a fashion similiar to Kritzkreig's uber.
  • Team Godmode-The user's team will have godmode turned on for 10 seconds.
  • Team Crits- The user's team will have full crits on for 10 seconds.
  • Dance-The user will begin to move in random directions, much like Vinyl Scratch's rage.
  • Deaf-User will no longer be able to hear any sounds for 10 seconds.
  • Aneurysm-The user's health will be reduced to 5 HP.
  • Nostalgia-The Player's screen turns black & white for 10 seconds.
  • Overheal- The user will be healed to full overheal constantly for 10 seconds.
  • RTD Jammer- Players on the other team cannot roll the dice for a short amount of time.
  • Golden Gun- The user will be granted a greatly-boosted weapon for a short time. This can also be rolled specifically by a soldier's Buff Banner.
  • Frenzy- The user is forced to continually fire their current weapon. The user is also not allowed to switch weapons during the duration of this roll.
  • Spooked- The user enters the scared effect for 10 seconds.
  • Fire Bullets- The user's guns will set the enemy player on fire.
  • Flubber Bullets- The user's weapons will cause knockback similar to the Force-A-Nature.
  • Ignite- The user gets set on fire.
  • Shield-The user will become ubered for 1 second when he gets hurt (including self damage)
  • Drunk-The user will have a blurred, moving vision and will constantly switch weapons.
  • Angelic-The user will become immune to stuns and crits.
  • Vampire-50% of the damage dealth in the next 10 seconds will return back as health for the user.
  • Disarm- The user may only use their melee weapon. Switching to a different weapon will quickly switch back to melee.


  • Solarflare and Leon Hunter are allowed to roll anything on anybody.
  • A sound effect or class that rolled the dice would be seen in the chat, depending on the roll.
  • If Team Godmode or Team Crits is used, then the chat will broadcast the player that rolled it.
  • Boss players (including any ally players with the boss), Vampires, Infected players, and dead players are not able to roll the dice.
  • Some bosses' rages activate certain RTD effects (usually negative). For example, Dic Soupcan's rage activates "Disable" and "Drunk", and Vinyl Scratch's rage activates "Dance"