VSH RoleEdit

The Soldier can dish out heavy damage using numerous special abilities. He can deal large amounts of damage when paired with a Medic, summon Vampire Scouts as a distraction, temporarily use the Valve Rocket Launcher or enter a Godmode state for 10 seconds.

The Soldier can use his Rocket Launcher to give knockback to the Boss, protecting his teammates in the process. The Rocket Launcher can also be used for the Soldier to reach high ground through Rocket Jumping.

The Soldier is the most heavily modded class for this game-mode.

Weapons Edit

Primary Edit

Weapon Ammo
Notes / Special Abilities
Rocket Launcher 4 20

Rockets fly straight down the crosshair from the center of the screen.

Rocket Jumper

Modified to act like the standard Rocket Launcher

Direct Hit 4 20

Has 80% faster rocket speed.

Deals 25% more damage.

Guarantees Mini-crit damage on opponents sent airborne by an explosion.

Has 70% smaller splash damage radius.

Black Box 1 10

Rockets fired from this weapon home in on the Boss. This homing effect is active as long as the player has *sight of the Boss (or within the last few seconds), and the user is holding down the fire button. Press reload to prevent firing a homing rocket. The player cannot reload the weapon until the rocket explodes from collision or the user releases the fire button.

Liberty Launcher 3 20

Has 40% faster rocket speed.

Does 25% less damage.

Cow Mangler 5000 5 N/A

Does not use ammo.

Alt-fire: A charged shot that Mini-crits and ignites players.

Deals only 20% damage to buildings.

Cannot deal critical hits whatsoever.

Beggar's Bazooka Variable 20

On holding fire button, loads rockets. Up to 3 rockets can be loaded at once- any more and they misfire, dealing heavy damage to the user. On firing, the rockets are launched in a quick barrage.

Projectiles have a deviancy of up to 3 degrees.

Cannot collect ammo from dispensers.

Secondary Edit

Weapon Ammo
Notes / Special Abilities
Shotgun 6 32
Buff Banner N/A N/A

Rage is gathered through Knock back to the Boss.

On activation, the user is granted a Valve Rocket Launcher for 3.5 secs and other players near the user is granted minicrits for 10 secs. The VRL deals significantly more damage, has a very fast firing and reloading speed and always deals minicrits.

Gunboats N/A N/A

Reduces rocket jump damage by 60%.

Battalion's Backup N/A N/A

Rage is gathered through Knock back to the Boss.

On activation, the user summons any dead players as Vampire Scouts and other players near the user is granted minicrits for 10 secs. These Scouts lose health over time but recieve full health through dealing damage. Vampire Scouts cannot capture the point and cannot perform double jumps.

Concheror N/A N/A

Rage is gathered through knockback to the Boss.

On activation, the user is given god mode for 10 secs and other players near the user is granted minicrits for 10 secs. However, god mode does not work against Death Touch

Mantreads N/A N/A

-75% reduction in push force taken from damage. Deals 3x falling damage to the player you land on. This will only work if the boss is Gravitational.

Reserve Shooter 3 32

15% faster weapon switch speed.

Mini-crits airborne targets for 3 seconds after switch.

Has 50% smaller clip size.

Righteous Bison 4 N/A

Does not use ammo. Projectile penetrates enemy targets.

May hit target players multiple times.

Deals only 20% damage to buildings.

Granted critical hits when healed by Medic.

Melee Edit

Weapon Ammo
Notes / Special Abilities
Shovel N/A N/A
Frying Pan

Turns enemies into golden statues upon a kill.

Conscientious Objector

Compatable with the Decal Tool.


Does not restore health on kill.

This item remains honourbound.

Market Gardener
Equalizer N/A N/A

Damage dealt increase as user's remaining health decreases. 

Regeneration is disabled when being healed while using this weapon.

The Escape Plan N/A N/A

Movement speed increases as user's remaining health decreases.

Reduces health by 75.

When equipped: Regenerates 3 health per second.

Healing by medic is disabled when being healed by this weapon.

Pain Train N/A N/A

Doubles capture power for the Control Point

Raises bullet vulnerability by 10%.

Disciplinary Action N/A N/A

Has 70% longer melee range.

On hit ally: boost both players' speed for several seconds.

Deals 25% less damage

Unique abilitiesEdit

  • Soldiers cannot build rage for the Buff Banner, Battalions Backup or Concheror when the Unusual type "Unstoppable" is active.
  • The Equalizer taunt does not kill the player, however it deals damage equal to 15% of the Bosses maximum health. It will stun the player for 10 seconds if it doesn't hit the Boss. If the Taunt connects, the Soldier will be granted a temporary God mode and will not suffer from the stun.
  • A Soldier being actively healed by a Medic will be granted Critical hits as well as the Passive Übercharge.
  • The Soldier deals 25% less damage to Applejack.

Tips and Tricks Edit

  • The choice of the Primary weapon allows the Soldier to be a versatile class. The standard Rocket Launcher is recommended if the player is very new. It is not recommended to use the Direct Hit as it can often be hard to hit the Boss and provides less splash damage, resulting in less knockback. The Black Box is altered (see the Weapons section,) and is difficult to use on some maps. The Original fires from the center of the screen, while providing all the benefits from the standard Rocket Launcher. The Liberty Launcher carries one less rocket, however it has a fast projectile speed and the same splash radius as the standard Launcher. The Cow Mangler allows you to avoid being reliant on ammo boxes with the extra features listed in the Weapons Table.
  • The Buff Banner can allow you and your team to deal out significant damage to the Boss. The Battalion's Backup is a good choice if a distraction is needed and the Concheror can allow your team to take advantage of the healing aura while also giving you temporary godmode.
  • When a Banner is ready, you can hold left click to use the horn and delay it's effects until you let go of the button. The activation time is roughly 3 seconds.
  • The Righteous Bison can prove to be a very useful Secondary Weapon if you can't manage to build enough rage with the Banners, or run out of Rocket Launcher ammo. It can deal quite a bit of damage and unlike the Cow-Mangler, it is granted critical hits when healed by a Medic. It stays effective at medium to long ranges with a high accuracy.
  • With the Equalizer and lost health, you can move at a faster speed. This can help so you can make a quick escape. The Disciplanary action will allow you and teammates be able to travel faster, either to be able to get to an advantageous area or to help escape the Boss.
  • Rocket Jump to high ground so the Boss can't easily get to you. This will give you the advantage of dealing damage while in relative safety.
  • Help Medics get to safer areas by encouraging them to teleport to you if they are in danger.
  • Keep an eye on your rage meter, and use your Banner when the timing is right.
  • Stay with a Medic or near an Amplifier as Critical rockets will help build your rage meter faster.
  • When you hold down the left mouse button (or your +attack key) when using a Banner the ability will not activate until you let go. Use this trick to throw the Boss off guard. It takes 3 seconds between the intial activation and the activation of effects, so make sure you have those seconds to spare.
  • Due to the server diabling fall damage, Soldiers using the Gunboats don't need to worry about extra damage. Using this in conjunction with the Equalizer's healing and the Cow Mangler's infinite ammo can lead to a Soldier being as agile and hard to kill as a Scout.
  • Medics healing Soldiers equiped with the Equalizer gain increased Übercharge rate than healing any other class. Keep this in mind if you want to be more Medic-friendly.
  • The Godmode/Concheror buff will cancel out any healing recieved with the Equalizer. This can be used to keep you moving at top speed while using it.
  • Rolling a Shield RTD is a useful roll for the Soldier, if he wields his Equalizer during this Roll effect, it will act as a temporary God Mode.
  • Using the Begger's Bazooka can be devastating at close range (especially with a Medic for crits), but it comes with a price- very high ammo drain and unreliability at long range plus unpredictable rocket jumping and slow loading. You will have to rely on ammo boxes since you can't resupply from dispensers.