I really enjoy a lot of the stuff that goes on on the OzFur servers. Many of the players are inviting and entertaining to talk to, and there's a huge group ethic going on when facing off against the boss.

Many people are clamoring for a new boss, but I have a ton of fun playing the server just the way it is. A new boss would be fun, but I don't think it's required.

The bosses are already quite varied and I don't think that any of them are overpowered, or underpowered for that matter. I never got a chance to fight Charmander, myself, but one of the admins had his skin and I busted a gut watching him shoot his flare gun.

My favorite boss is Candyman, followed closely by Rainbow Dash and then Female Pyro (for obvious reasons).

Feel free to ask me any questions if you're wondering anything!