• Raven6666

    Alright, so here's the standards I'm doing for the pages.

    For tables, please use the standard class="wikitable," no need to have it set as grid.

    For information within tables, please put them within unordered lists ( |- !Bootlegger |}

    I'll also be moving all Tips & Tricks to their own pages, as the main class pages should now just be entirely objective, while the Tips for each will not need to clutter the bottom of the page. A hotlink to each T&T will be replacing the area.

    For headings under headings, such as Weapons -> Primary/Secondary/Melee, the Weapons heading should be a h2/heading 2, and the Primary etc should be a h3/heading 3.

    I'll be cleaning up the Boss pages after I sift through the Class stuff.

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  • Raven6666

    Table testing.

    April 17, 2012 by Raven6666

    I'll be testing some various table formats here, no ETA on when these will change.


    Passive Ability }
    Rage Ability }
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  • Raven6666

    Wiki standardisation.

    April 14, 2012 by Raven6666

    Right, so I have a goal for the VSH Wiki. I want to have the Class Ability pages and the Boss pages to follow a specific format/template.

    I had made a sweeping change to the Boss pages, making it clear what the Bosses Rage ability was, their Secondary, and if applicable, their Passives. I will be going through the Boss pages again, cleaning up any information, correcting errors and trying to alter it for a specific template.

    For the Class pages (as of writing, I am planning a few more edits,) I have made sure that basic, but important information is under the VSH Roles. The information under Unique Abilities should never refer to "you," or anything similar. That section should be purely objective. Tips and Tricks however can be as subjective…

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