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VS Saxton Hale is a Mod for the Valve game Team Fortress 2. The original concept and ideas behind the mod were created by Dr Eggman, but the most recent version is by SolarFlare of The aim of the game is to defeat the owner of Mann Co. 'Saxton Hale' or other subsequent bosses. This involves a single player taking the role of the boss with his/her special abilities whilst trying to defeat the entire opposing team.


OzzyFurocity currently has eight VS Saxton Hale servers. Based in Australia, US-East, US-West Add these servers to your favorites!

Our Servers ----Where the address has xx, put in either au, us-e or us-w depending on whichever server is closest to you. eg.

♐ Ozzy Furocity #6 (Saxton Hale) -
♐ Ozzy Furocity #7 (Saxton Hale) -

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  • Class Abilities - Look here if you need tips or want to learn about the unique abilities of each classes in VSH.